Join Us on May 27th to Celebrate Ten Years of WordPress

Calling all San Francisco-area WordPress aficionados: Come celebrate the 10th anniversary of the first WordPress release on May 27th!

Can you believe WordPress is 10 already? How cool is that!

There will be parties to celebrate 10 years of WordPress happening on the 27th from Portland to Stockholm to Istanbul — there are over 200 scheduled so far. WordPress users are everywhere, so it’s fitting that the celebration should be, too.

Here in San Francisco we’re going to throw an excellent party, and we want YOU to be there.

Behold: The Details!
When: Monday, May 27, 2013 – 7pm
Where: Blackbird Bar, 2124 Market St. (Map)
Who: You! RSVP now.

There’ll be a website just for showing off the photos, videos, tweets, and posts from all the 10th anniversary parties, so join other local and visiting WordPress fans to represent the SF Bay Area. You can also pick up 10th anniversary t-shirts — black or silver-gray, since ten is traditionally the “tin” anniversary — in the swag store.

Without you — the awesome developers, designers, writers, photographers, and more who have all contributed to WordPress’ growth — WordPress would never have become the technological and social phenomenon it is today. We’ve come a long way from version 0.7 (XHTML 1.1, anyone?), and it’s because of the incredible community that keeps making it better and better.

Come out on May 27th, and raise a glass to many more years of WordPress!

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