Last call for General Admission tickets!

Seems like you’re just as excited as we are — our General Admission tickets sold out even more quickly than we’d anticipated. But if you’ve been on the fence, there’s still a chance to get your ticket to WCSF!

We crunched some numbers and are making 200 additional General Admission tickets available. They’re available as of right now, so head over to the ticketing page to get yours today.

Once these tickets are gone, they’re gone. We won’t be releasing any more General Admission tickets — we can only accommodate so many people before we all get too close for comfort!

Seats for the live stream are still available, as are microsponsorships, but this is your last call for General Admission. Get ‘em while the getting’s good!

2 thoughts on “Last call for General Admission tickets!

  1. Louis Reingold

    I’m attending WCSF in person.

    The live stream should be free.

    I see you’ve sold less than 100 live stream tickets so far. So it’s not about the money.

    If the live stream were free, a lot of people would watch it, see how great it is, and actually show up at a WordCamp in person.

    Which is the whole point.

    1. andreamiddleton

      Hi Louis! All of the sessions will be available for free on within a few weeks after the event, and we hope that everyone who sees them will be motivated to attend a WordCamp as soon as they can.

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