My first WordCamp San Francisco

The countdown is on, and I’m about to start my journey from the UK to my first WordCamp San Francisco. As if attending wasn’t awesome enough, I am also going to be speaking. I’m hugely grateful for the opportunity and still, every few hours, pinching myself to check this is really happening. My mind is racing, my bag is packed, the butterflies in my stomach are multiplying at a surprising rate, and I’ve pretty much got a permanent grin on my face.

I’ve never been to San Francisco and, looking on the map from here in the UK, it seems so far away. Rather than scared, I’m excited because one thing I’ve learnt is any WordCamp you go to is like visiting family. I’m just going to see a new set of relatives a lot of miles away. Maybe I don’t know them yet, but in a few days I’ll be lucky enough to.

Last year this time I watched WordCamp San Francisco on the live stream. If you can’t make it to SF, I’d really recommend the live stream as it – along with the chats in IRC or Twitter – makes you virtually part of the WordCamp. What is being planned this year for the live stream and podcasting interviews/chats is really cool, and I’m sure will make it even better.

I’ve been to a few WordCamps now and every single one seems to bring new amazing people into my life. I also learn new things, and not just from the talks, each one. I love the downtimes, the hallway chats, the meals you share – these are the priceless gems of a WordCamp.

So, if you see me wandering around say hello, and I look forward to my first WordCamp San Francisco.

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