WCSF 2013 Registration Dates and Details

Mark your calendars! Ticket sales for WordCamp San Francisco 2013 will open on Thursday, May 23, 2013 at 10am Pacific. The link to purchase tickets will be here on the WCSF 2013 website.

We’ll be releasing 700 General Admission tickets — valid for attending WCSF in person for both days, Friday and Saturday (July 26-27). In addition to the General Admission tickets we will be offering 50 Microsponsorship tickets. Microsponsorship is something we are offering for the those WordPress fans who want to give back a little something but aren’t in a position to sign up for a traditional sponsorship package.

Registration fees will be $40 for the 2-day General Admisson tickets and $200 for the Microsponsorship ticket. We will not be offering single day passes. Please note that we can not offer refunds at this time. If you find after purchasing your ticket that you won’t be able to attend after all, you can give your ticket to someone else or just consider the expense a donation to the WordPress Foundation.

If you are unable to come to San Francisco for the conference but would like to watch from your house (with or without a mouse), on a train, in a tree, in a car, or on a boat1 or anywhere else you have wifi, you can purchase access to the live stream. Live stream access can be purchased with, or without, a WCSF 2013 shirt. Live stream access is $20 for the whole event including the shirt and $10 for the whole event without the shirt. Please note that shirts are sent out a couple weeks after the event.

1 We do not recommend viewing the WCSF livestream in the rain. Goats and foxes not provided by WCSF.

9 thoughts on “WCSF 2013 Registration Dates and Details

  1. Gerri

    For those travelling a distance, will there be any hotels associated or recommended near the event, also when should airfares be booked, now or after registering (will you be guaranteed a ticket for the WordCamp)?

    1. austingunter

      Hey Gerri,

      Great question. There are no room blocks reserved for attendees, so we’re letting folks book their own hotels and rooms. San Francisco can be a challenging place to find a hotel room, so I’d recommend that you book as soon as you’ve bought your ticket. Tickets are not guaranteed, and in previous years they have gone quickly. But, if you buy your ticket the day they go on sale, you’re likely to get one.

      Here’s a map for where the Mission Bay Conference center is located. Public transportation is sparse in this area of the city, so wherever you’re staying, you’re likely to need a cab. Here’s a few hotels nearby to get the process kicked off for you.

      1. Louis

        Why would you charge for the live stream? Isn’t the whole point to get this information in front of as many people as possible?

        1. andreamiddleton

          Hi Louis, great question. We charge for the live stream to help offset the costs of the live stream. All of the sessions will be video-recorded and published to WordPress.tv (see last year’s sessions at http://wordpress.tv/event/wordcamp-san-francisco-2012/) within a week or two of the event, which is free, of course – so what people buying a live stream ticket get is the experience of watching the live feed without actually having to attend in person. And a t-shirt, if you buy the live-stream + t-shirt ticket. 🙂

          1. Louis

            The t-shirt isn’t the important part.

            It’s good that eventually you’re making the videos free. But it would be a lot better if the live stream was free too.

            Eating the short and small cost of the live stream now isn’t a good long term investment for WordPress?

          2. yannibmbrvasquez

            I don’t see the issue in charging for the live stream. Given the amount of knowledge that is being shared, considering the cost, it’s negligible. I paid for the live stream a couple years ago and it was awesome.

            Throwing together such an event isn’t cheap! It costs money to put all the necessary resources to use. I think it behooves the community when everyone chips in for something that benefits the whole. Curious about just what it costs to make one of these things happen? https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AlmfKYIj1hVKdExkYy00VEFIRVV2VXpFSDBGcXBJOXc#gid=0

            The whole point isn’t to get as many eyes in front of this as possible. The point is to give value to people who are going to make use of the knowledge here. A wide audience is great (and there will be a wide audience no doubt), but the point is bringing people together, sharing knowledge and empowering the community… Okay, those are my words; but that’s what WordCamps mean to me and why I happily pay my money forward for such things.

  2. Tobias

    Hi wordcamp! About the stream tickets: is there an archive in the stream or is it only live? I live in Sweden so the time difference makes it a bit hard to follow all sessions live..

    1. andreamiddleton

      Hi Tobias! If you don’t want to stay up all night long for WordCamp SF – and we know you’re tempted! – then you can rest assured that all of the sessions will be available on wordpress.tv within a few weeks after the event.

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